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Pokémon GO - Profesor Willow nám představuje Rakeťáka Cliffa

Pokémon GO - Profesor Willow nám představuje Rakeťáka CliffaJe tu už třetí zpráva od profesora Willowa. Tentokrát se týká jednoho z leaderů Rakeťáků, Cliffa.

Niantic nás poslední týden prostřednictvím profesora Willowa připravuje na chystanou aktualizaci Rakeťáků a nový Special Research (1. a 2. zpráva). Nyní se podle jeho zprávy vydali spolu s Blanche na test Rocket Radaru a narazili přitom na Cliffa. Ten jim sdělil, že se nachází na území Rakeťáků a že pokud neodejdo bude s nimi bojovat. Na povel profesora se oba stáhli. Dá se předpokládat, že 28. 10. nám bude představen Arlo a 30. 10. třetí z leaderů, Sierra. Za jak dlouho potom bude aktualizace vypuštěna není jasné, ale nemyslím si, že by to bylo před eventem A Colossal Discovery. Očekával bych ho tedy nejdříve 3. listopadu.

Date: 10/26/19

Subject: [Willow Report] The first of many cliffhangers

We had our first encounter with a Team GO Rocket Team Leader today. Testing needed to be done on the Rocket Radar prototype. Blanche has been an integral part of its development so naturally I included the Team Mystic leader to assist. We set out in hopes of testing its tracking abilities, but the prototype kept malfunctioning, causing us to be led aimlessly to random PokéStops. Blanche became visibly upset, which tends to happen when things don’t go to their carefully curated plans. This was when something unexpected happened. Instead of us finding a Team GO Rocket Leader, one of them found us.

A muscular man with a distinct Poké Ball beard design, approached us. Cliff, just as he appeared in the corrupted files on my computer. His first words were a warning that we were “encroaching on Team GO Rocket territory.” His demeanor was just as stern and intimidating as his photo.

He was reluctant to battle us, and told us to retreat in a surprisingly gentle tone. It was clear that this would be the only kindness he’d show us and would not stand down if challenged to a battle. Blanche stood frozen. I made the decision for both of us to head back, we were not prepared for a face-off.

Back safely in the lab, Blanche confirmed my assumptions: it was difficult to determine the best course of action during our encounter with Cliff. Compounded with the frustration of the prototype malfunctioning, it was apparent Blanche needed some time to reassess the situation at hand.

We need to be cautious. It seems like we aren’t the only ones scouting out the situation.

—Professor Willow

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