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Pokémon GO - Úkoly z A Drive to Investigate

Pokémon GO - Úkoly z A Drive to InvestigateSpecial Research A Drive to Investigate začíná! Jaké jsou v něm úkoly?

Placený Special Research A Drive to Investigate už v některých částech planety začal, takže se můžeme podívat, jaké úkoly nás v něm čekají. Navíc k němu jsou také Field Research úkoly! Hlavní odměnou je samozřejmě Genesect. Další informace k tomuto Special Research najdete zde.

#649 - Genesect

Úkoly A Drive to Investigate Special Research

A Drive to Investigate 1/5

  • Bojuj 5x s jiným trenérem (1000 Stardust)
  • Chyť 25 Pokémonů normálního typu (3x Rare Candy)
  • Nakrm svého Buddyho (Setkání s Trubbish)
  • 5x Premium Battle Pass
  • Setkání s Pinsir
  • 1x Genesect čepice

A Drive to Investigate 2/5

  • Proveď 5x Power Up Pokémona (1000 Stardust)
  • Chyť 25 ohnivých Pokémonů (3x Rare Candy)
  • Pošli přátelům 3 dárky (Setkání s Karrablast)
  • 3x Charged TM
  • Setkání s Skarmory
  • 3x Super Incubator

A Drive to Investigate 3/5

  • Pošli profesorovi 3 Pokémony (1000 Stardust)
  • Chyť 25 vodních Pokémonů (3x Rare Candy)
  • Vylíhni vejce (Setkání s Shelmet)
  • 3x Incense
  • Setkání s Scizor
  • 1x Genesect baťoh

A Drive to Investigate 4/5

  • Dej 3 Great hody v řadě (1000 Stardust)
  • Chyť 25 elektrických Pokémonů (3x Rare Candy)
  • Hraj si se svým Buddym (Setkání s Kabuto)
  • 3x Fast TM
  • Setkání s Genesect
  • 1x Glacial Lure Module

A Drive to Investigate 5/5

  • Bojuj s leaderem týmu (1000 Stardust)
  • Chyť 25 ledových Pokémonů (3x Rare Candy)
  • Udělej 3x fotku Genesecta (Setkání s Durant)
  • 3x Starpiece
  • 10x Genesect Candy
  • 1x Poffin

Field Research úkoly

Tyto informace pochází z pozorování hráčů a nemusí být přesné.

Catch a Pokémon.Scyther
Chyť Pokémona.
Make 2 Great Throws in a row.Scyther
Dej 2 Great hody v řadě.
Make 5 Nice Throws.Scyther
Dej 5 Nice hodů v řadě.
Take snapshots of Genesect.Scyther
Udělej fotku Genesecta.
Spin PokéStops.Scyther
Zatoč Pokéstop.
Trade a Pokémon with a friend.Scyther
Vyměň Pokémona s přítelem.

Texty k eventu

Anglicky Česky

1. část

Great to see you again, %PLAYERNAME%. I always run into you when I find something exciting. Maybe you're my Special Research good-luck charm!

Last night, I was studying the chemical reaction that causes Trubbish to appear.

Suddenly I saw bright flashing lights in the near distance and went to investigate.

When I arrived at the site, I noticed a lot of damage to the ground and the surrounding area.

At first, the damage looked to be caused by Trainers practicing for the GO Battle League, but my gut told me to investigate further in the morning.

While I look into this, can you help me research Normal-type Pokémon? Some of the damage looks like it was caused by Normal-type attack.

2. část

Thanks for getting that baseline research taken care of for me, %PLAYERNAME%. I gave some updates to share with you.

After I returned to the site we're studying, I realized there was actually a trail of damage.

When I followed that trail, I started finding areas that were clearly burned.

That damage must have been done by a Fire-typ Pokémon or at least a Pokémon that knows Fire-type attacks.

You know what this means, Trainer! Time to research Fire-type Pokémon.

The more information we have about this type of Pokémon, the more clues we'll have to determine whatever did all this damage.

Meanwhile, I'll continue following the trail of damage.

3. část

Thanks, %PLAYERNAME%! You've been on fire when it comes to getting these research tasks done! Get it? You're on fire?

Anyway...the damage can't have been caused by a Trainer Battle. I've never seen anything like it before. It seems almost...unnatural?

Could it really have been caused by Pokémon? This is getting fascinating! Could you do some research on Water-type Pokémon for me?

As I followed the damage trail further, the burned area suddenly ended and strange water damage started appearing, and it just doesn't seem to line up with any Pokémon I've encountered.

4. část

%PLAYERNAME%, I'm so glad you're back! We might have stumbled upon something incredible.

I contacted one of my colleagues in the Unova region.

She shared some notes about a Mythical Pokémon called Genesect that was restored from a 300-milion-your-old fossil and then altered.

Pretty cool, huh? The notes say that though this Pokémon is Bug and Steel type, it's known to be able to use attacks with types like Fire and Water, among others.

The lines up with the damage at the site we've been researching!

One of the other types Genesect can attack with is Electric, and as I kept following the damage trail, I found spots that must have been hit by some kind of high-voltage Electric-type attack.

I'll see if anything else lies even farther down the trail, but in the meantime, I know I can count on you to start investigating Electric-type Pokémon to help us get to the bottom of this.

5. část

I can't thank you enough for your help, %PLAYERNAME%. You really are my Special Research good-luck charm!

With the information you collected combined with the notes from Unova, I think we've uncovered the Bug- and Steel-type Pokémon Genesect!

I know what you're thinking: Bug AND Steel with such odd attack types?

Apparently, when this Pokémon is holding a specially developed item called a Drive, its Techno Blast attack changes to a type that corresponds to the Drive the Pokémon's holding.

I wonder what kinds of Drives exist for this Pokémon.

I still have so many questions, but for now, why not do a little research on Ice-type Pokémon? I hear Ice is another type Genesect can wield.

You ought to take a snapshot of Genesect to commemorate your meeting, too!

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